Devim Tours is an agency established in 2003 by Bulent and Sensal Bicer with an aim to organize holiday alternatives for tourists.

Domestic and abroad tour operator, sale of flight tickets, conference and seminary organizations, incoming and outgoing operations and education abroad, are frames which make services provided by Devim Tours in aspect of tourism.

Devim Tours d.o.o. is serving as a partner or incoming operator for Balkan operations for travel agencies around the world.

Devim Tours is an incoming service for, domestic and abroad flight ticket reservations, group and individual travel organisations, boat journeys, education services abroad, especially  MICE conference, seminars, dealer meeting organizations and finding new creative ways to develop tourism in Balkans.

It also has, per your wish, different organizations, as domestic and abroad tours on various destinations.

Our Mission

To follow dinamic tourism world in development and fastly adopt to serve as a highly educated proffessional team and always provide excellent services and quality to our customers.

Our Vision

To make up reputation for our customers, to respond to their expectations with quality and stability and to be companion for the solution.

Always to answer and to serve with excellent quality to your expectations with same modern concept with most favorable frame to your corporate structure.

Some of the organizations we are proud of are:

Fam trip with Former Minister Mrs. Branka Djuric, minister of the Environment and tourism in Federal government of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Mice Tourism Agencies Fam trips

Winter Tourism Famtrip

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Nature Sports, Holiday TV Shows sponsored organizations

Some projects we are proud of are: BETEK HOLDING (NIPPON)




Post-Covid Goals

1. Reaching out to potential clients around the world through using various online channels

In tourism sector, we have experienced many crises throughout the years. We have been in tough situations where we thought navigating through these problems would be challenging. However, global pandemic became the hardest one in all of crises tourism sector has been through.

We believe that digitalization has become vital under these circumstances.

Therefore, as Devimtours, we have partnered with Redzy. With the tools Rezdy provides for tourism agencies, we plan to present to the world what Balkans has to offer for visitors from around the world. Difficulties that came with the pandemic have made the traditional ways of tourism harder than ever before. Devimtours sees this change in the world and aims to find new ways to adopt to the new normal by investing in digitalization.

2. Mice Tourism and Digitalization

We have been working hard to open Bosnia’s doors to mice tourism and develop it along the way. We have become the number one tourism agency in Bosnia by serving over 400 firms in 10 years. We have organized numerous Fam trips in order to invest and develop mice tourism in Bosnia and the Balkans.

As a mice tourism agency, we have to be in touch throughout every step of the organizations. Devimtours invests in developing digital activities about the events and ongoing operations by its website and social media marketing strategies. In order to follow up with ongoing operations, Devimtours provides live broadcasts through social media and translation services.

3. Post-Pandemic Nature & Creative Tourism

We believe that the demand for nature tourism and walking tours will be on the rise during the post-pandemic normalization era. We expect that visitors will prefer to be away from the crowds and be in the nature instead. We have started getting in touch with these potential nature destinations where covid precautions are applied and followed. We see the demand rising for nature tourism in Bosnia and Herzegovina and we started preparing accordingly.

Latest Trends in Creative Tourism

- Create by Discovering

- Work and Leisure (Bleisure)

- Spiritual Journey

- Active Holiday Packages

- Taste of Culture

- Live, Love, Learn / Creative Tourism

- Sports

- Discover History

- Learning Agricultural and Natural life

- Opt for Nature

We look forward to being a part of this project with what we have accomplished and planning to achieve in the future. Thank you in advance for considering our submission.

Our information:
Devim tours d.o.o. Sarajevo
ID No: 210798050001
VAT No: 420179805000

Adress:Stupska BB/L2 71 000 Sarajevo
+387 (33) 761 215

Best regards,
Bulent Bicer